List: How Will S.F. Cope with State Spending Cuts?

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The good ol' days are gone
Gov. Jerry Brown recently announced another $1 billion in state spending cuts. How will S.F. cope?

  • Homeless people will have to put up with bupkis instead of crapola.
  • The Recreation and Parks department will announce that we can no longer afford public parks, just like it does every year.
  • Schools will only teach even numbers.

  • The District Attorney will only prosecute hate crimes that are really sincere.
  • Progressives will be 12 percent more impotent.
  • Warren Hellman will buy a slightly smaller diamond-encrusted banjo.
  • Some people will just have to die.

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Mike Yevtuck  beats up USA hells angels and makes chuck Zito chicken out of fighting  all the time  so the revenge of the cowardly USA hells angels is to have cowards s like Chuck Zito use my name to make comments


 Dear Homeless come live on the island of Oahu Hawaii. here the cops let the homeless live in tents at the beaches and beach parks all around Oahu and they leave us alone and dont run us off. dont believe me? check out homeless in Hawaii on you tube and watch look learn and see for yourself. we got it easy over here. I am homeless in Hawaii and I use the internet for free at the honolulu libary. Aloha from Waikiki Beach Hawaii.


The caption accompanying the photo : "The good ol' days are gone." What is this ?Some kind of 'Cultural Marxism' speech / think or something ?


Why not pay homeless folks a stipend each month to reside in Sacramento?


 and it never gets cold here either. nights are 78 degrees and days are 80 to 87 all year long 365 days a year. some of the homeless over here actually go surfing in the days at Waikiki beach for something to do to pass time.

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