Sergio Calderón, S.F. Man Whose Home Was Searched for Missing iPhone Prototype, to Sue Apple

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Sergio Calderón, the San Francisco man who got tangled up in an Apple scandal, says he will sue the Silicon Valley-based company for what his lawyer is calling an "outrageous" and illegal search.

CNET reported the news today, detailing that negotiations between Calderón, 22, and Apple had come to an end, and Calderón will file a lawsuit within the next few weeks, according to his attorney.

"The talks have ended and we're moving forward," said Calderón's lawyer, David Monroe. "The next step would be to draft a complaint to file in the next few weeks." He would not say what allegations would be specified in the complaint.

Earlier this year, an Apple employee reportedly lost an unreleased prototype of the iPhone 4 at a local bar, Cava. Apple officials say they tracked the phone via GPS to Calderon's home in Bernal Heights and sent police officers there to search. However,  San Francisco police told us at the time they had no record of the incident.

The story became even more curious when SF Weekly's Peter Jamison tracked down Calderón, who said it was his home that was searched. Calderón explained that six people  claiming to be SFPD showed up at his door, and two of them searched his house. After we reported Calderón's experience, the SFPD changed its story and told us that four plainclothes police officers had accompanied two Apple investigators to Calderón's house, and waited outside while Apple employees searched his home, car, and computer for the phone --- which was never found.

Calderón said that one of the men offered him $300 in cash if he returned the phone, and promised the owner would not press charges. However, Calderón denied having the phone.

"The real problem here is that police failed to disclose to my client that Apple employees would be searching his home," Monroe has said.

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