Israeli Dude Legally Changes His Name to Mark Zuckerberg

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Maybe there should be a Mark Zuckerberg representing every country
Israeli entrepreneur Rotem Guez tells media outlets that he has legally changed his name to "Mark Zuckerberg," but not because he admires the Silicon Valley tech guru, or because he likes the name.

No, he came up with an even better reason: to piss off Facebook, which is threatening to sue him.

"If you want to sue me, you're going to have to sue Mark Zuckerberg," he tells Facebook.

Clever, huh?

Facebook had no comment about Guez's new alias; however, the company's lawyer was putting pressure on Guez this week, telling him he needs to close his online business, Like Store, claiming that it's illegal.

Like Store works to enhance companies' online reputations by offering Facebook users free content that is only accessible when they click "like" on the companies' profiles.

Guez acknowledged that he is violating Facebook's terms of use, but obviously, he doesn't really care, and pointed out that U.S. companies do it all the time.

It's not the first time Facebook has had to duke it out with another Mark Zuckerberg. Remember the Indiana bankruptcy attorney who's birth name actually is Mark Zuckerberg? Despite the fact that Indiana's Mark S. Zuckerberg had been practicing law long before Facebook's Zuckerberg had even graduate junior high school, Facebook couldn't believe there was another Zuck out there. So the company took the draconian step of deleting Mark S. Zuckerberg's profile, assuming it was a hoax.

"Other than the name and our Jewish upbringing, the two of us have little else in common," attorney Mark S. Zuckerberg wrote on his website.

We're guessing the same could be said for Guez and Zuckerberg.

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Karan Bhatia
Karan Bhatia

I jsut changed my name to Chuck Norris and now i will kick both these suckerberg jew asses

christina thomas
christina thomas

Guez is actually a pretty clever dude when you think about it.  One; he got a whole lot attention from this.  Two; I think there are plenty of people who really wouldn't mind giving Facebook a kick in the shins, and the real Zuckerberg maybe a slap in the face.  So there.



Just changed my name to Charlie Sheen, WINNING!

christina thomas
christina thomas 1 Like

This is hilarious.  I thought about changing my name to Cybertron Transformers but my husband wasn't having it.  I was going to keep our last name, honey!!


Don't worry about it, honey I've got your back lol.  There's some Fage Yogurt in the fridge for your <a href="">Fage diet</a> when you get home.  Also, be sure you take a look at the <a href="">endowment</a> when you get in tonight, the next payment with our <a href="">>Visa Black Card</a> is due.  Thanks for sharing life with me, love.


Now there is a dude that clearly knows what he is talking about. Wow.www.Total-Privacy dot US

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