School Officials Apologize Over Racist Comic in Newsletter

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A Pleasant Hill school secretary reminded us today why it is so very important to proofread before hitting send. The substitute secretary accidentally sent out this racist cartoon below (credit goes to along with the school newsletter, somehow mistaking the offensive image for a harmless comic.

Of course, it hasn't gone over well in Contra Costa County.

white pride.jpg
Perppermint Patty would have kicked some ass if she saw this
According to the Contra Costa Times, the Sequoia Middle School newsletter was sent out last week showing Franklin, the African American Peanuts character, with a noose around his neck. Below the image, it reads "white pride."

But the comic was actually part of a 3-year-old investigation of racist graffiti that was discovered on campus. Principal Connie Cirimeli immediately followed up with a letter of her own to parents, explaining that the secretary had, for unexplained reasons, added the digital image to the newsletter without proofreading it. She then sent it out, without having anyone else in the school office look at it -- which is also against school policy.

Cirimeli assured parents that  "appropriate personnel action" would be taken, although she didn't elaborate any further to the press.

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Maybe we found out who actually drew the offending and racist graffiti to begin.

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