Pup Tossed from Moving Car Found Alive

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Welcome home, Frosty!
We've been giving readers a lot of depressing news about dogs being shot and killed this week. So here's an uplifting story with a happy ending. Frosty, the cute 1-year-old poodle-terrier mix whose photo was plastered everywhere after being tossed from a moving car, has been found -- alive.

A woman walking on Manor Road around 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday spotted the injured pup, who walked up to her appearing hungry and dehydrated. He's currently at the vet being treated for the head injury he received after being cruelly thrown from a moving car on Dec. 5. Sadly, vets already had to remove one of Frosty's badly infected eyes during emergency surgery.

"He is thin, dehydrated, has grease marks on his back, and has many ticks, but is in good spirits and very friendly,"  Beth Brookhouser of the Monterey County SPCA told reporters.

On Dec. 1, the Santa Cruz SPCA delivered Frosty to a foster family in Seaside. He later escaped when someone in the house opened the door and he rushed out. He was not seen again until Dec. 5 when witnesses saw Frosty being tossed from a moving car near the Lighthouse Tunnel in Santa Cruz.

"He'll probably be in medical care for a while and nursed back to health, and then returned to the Santa Cruz SPCA," said Lisa Carter, executive director of the SCSPCA.

We're just glad to know Frosty is in good care.

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F8ck people. I hate people. for the love of animals, bless this little dogs heart!

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