Occupy SF: Protesters Reoccupied Justin Herman Plaza -- Sort Of

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Lauren Smiley
Looking for a place to occupy
The reoccupy scene down at Justin Herman Plaza was dramatic last night, but nothing like what we saw in Oakland when protesters tried to retake Frank Ogawa Plaza after being booted out.

No flash-bang grenades or pepper spray that we saw.

But as expected, there were cops in riot gear, chanting protesters, a few arrests, and one person taken to the hospital after Occupy SF protesters stormed Justin Herman Plaza, attempting to reoccupy the site, which police had raided early Wednesday. SF Weekly staff writer Lauren Smiley went out to the scene last night and described the sheer drama, which began at about 6 p.m. and lasted well into the morning.

After refusing to leave, protesters pitched tents on the plaza, which Mayor Ed Lee has made clear is no longer okay. But they backed down when cops circled protester, who voluntarily removed the tents sometime after midnight.

A few protesters reportedly slept on the plaza last night sans tents, but were rousted by police early this morning.

So despite all the chanting and speech-making, there was no real reoccupying of Justin Herman Plaza last night.

Now what?

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Rods and Cones
Rods and Cones

They all pussied out and lost face to the pigs and the establishment just like  I knew they would. they are hacks and fakes. they dont make dirty filthy hippie protesters like they did back in the 1960s no more. this new breed is weak and generally useless.

Franko Ali
Franko Ali

Due to the Port Shut Down on Monday, and numerous other events this weekend, I'd bet that a full reoccupation, with tents and all, will take place late next week.

Trampling the 1st amendment doesn't really work as a tactic, and the city has no idea how to handle the movement. It's only going to come back stronger.

Rods and Cones
Rods and Cones

  Hopefully the pigs need to smash your pretty white suburban teeth out of your head with a billy club and break your nose bloody this weekend when you punks return on your day off from your plastic yuppie jobs.

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