Occupy SF to Reoccupy Justin Herman Plaza

Lauren Smiley
Round 2
Update (2:10 p.m.) Protesting makes you hungry, which is why Occupiers have taken their cause back to the Federal Reserve building where there's rumors of pizza on its way. After they regain their energy, the group is planning to reoccupy Just Herman Plaza later this evening.

Update (1:30 p.m.) Occupy SF protesters are marching through the Financial District, and have crossed back to Justin Herman Plaza to where they are circling the site and chanting "Whose streets? Our streets." Cops in riot gear are standing by.

Less than 12 hours after police raided the Occupy SF camp, protesters gathered in front of the Federal Reserve building in downtown to denounce the early morning police actions.

SF Weekly Staff Writer Lauren Smiley is on the scene and tells us that as of 1 p.m., more than 150 protesters were spilling out onto Market Street, bringing the F line to a halt. Paul Rose, spokesman with Muni, confirmed that the assembly is preventing trains from moving along Market Street, causing "rolling delays" throughout the system.

Police are hovering nearby, but they don't seem inclined to break up this peaceful assembly.

Protesters are angry over the police raid, where some 70 protesters were hauled to the Hall of Justice and cited; at least two were arrested on suspicion of assaulting an officer. Some occupiers said they plan to attend tonight's Police Commission meeting to protest the Police Department's actions.

Until then, protesters are brainstorming ideas for what or where they should occupy now that they have been booted from their camp on Justin Herman Plaza. Here is the live stream:

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Yes, block Muni.  Block those of us with actual jobs and other things to attend to from doing them. 

Like almost everything else you morons do, you're hurting those who you claim to represent.  How long has it been since you guys set up camp?  A little over 2 months?  What have you accomplished?  What are you trying to accomplish?  Do you even know?

You aren't doing anything.  It's time to move on and stop squatting and loitering in the name of economic equality.


Curious why this article is showing video from October. Seems somewhat misleading to me.

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