Occupy SF Given Noon Deadline to Evacuate Justin Herman Plaza

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The city wants Justin Herman Plaza 100 percent clear of the 99 percent
Occupy SF's time on Justin Herman Plaza is quickly coming to an end as city officials warned the group it has until noon today to voluntarily pack up its tents and leave the plaza where protesters have been camped out for nearly two months.

As the Examiner reports this morning, Mohammed Nuru, director of the Department of Public Works, delivered the eviction notice to squatters last night. "I have to tell you that time is short, and we don't want tents on this property as of noon tomorrow," Nuru told unhappy protesters.

What he didn't say is what would happen come 12:30 p.m. today if squatters were still there. Although he didn't really have to -- protesters were prepping for police to storm the camp.

The city had offered to relocate the camp to a less visible site in the Mission, away from the Financial District and tourists visiting the Embarcadero. City leaders even agreed to shell out $2,500 per month to rent the property, which belongs to the San Francisco Unified School District. It was an enticing offer that included running water, toilets, and a promise of no police raids if the camp moved to the Mission site.

But protesters refused, driving home the point that they need to be visible near the very banks they are protesting. Moving to the Mission would make them out of sight, out of mind.

Check back this afternoon; we'll let you know what happens to Occupy SF.

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Weeks of "protest" with absolutely nothing accomplished. Justin Herman Plaza or the dark side of the moon. Either location, OWS would be equally ineffectual.


Well *you* don't have to do anything about wealth disparity, but the rest of us will be trying to save the world, thanks.


And you're doing a great job at it, what with giving the police all of that overtime and running up the sanitation bills.  Way to go!


Whereas whining on the internet always solved everything.

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