Occupy Oakland: New Camp Pops Up in West Oakland

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Erin Sherbert
We missed you guys!
Just a short month after being uprooted and cleared out by police, Occupy protesters have reportedly pitched tents again as part of a new camp established late Tuesday night in West Oakland.

Was it something we said?

The Oakland Tribune reports already more than a dozen tents are occupying the new space, located on the 2000 block of Peralta Street near Mandela Parkway, which has been dubbed the Cypress Triangle. 

No word on how Mayor Jean Quan plans to tackle this one.

The camp sprang up a day after reporters peppered Governor Jerry Brown about whether -- as an Oakland resident himself -- he felt Quan deserved to be recalled. Brown remained elusive on his vote, only saying that Quan doesn't need one more critic.

Quan is already grappling with ongoing threats of another port shutdown. Earlier this month, Occupy protesters successfully closed down the Port of Oakland, forcing longshoremen off the port. It was a devastating scene for Oakland, which has already become the national example of how not to handle the Occupy movement.

This new camp arrived more than a month after police raided the Occupy camp on Frank Ogawa Plaza, prompting protesters to overtake vacant lots through downtown Oakland. Police stormed those lots, removing protesters and stripping down tents. Since then, Occupy has been without a home, however, the group is planning to meet tonight to discuss plans for taking over a vacant building as the Occupy headquarters. 

Welcome back, Occupiers.

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Dusty Drake
Dusty Drake

LOL...the camp just got cleared out AGAIN!  

c. m.
c. m.

These guys should occupy Union Halls!There is a SEIU local 1000 at 1433 Webster Street in Oakland, phone number 866-471-7348. That's where these occupy people should have their campout.

wiseold snail
wiseold snail

unfortunately, opd and the city don't seem to have enough crime to solve, so instead spent more resources last night stealing more belongings from homeless folks, shutting down the encampment.  but of course it will rise again, somewhere.  wonder what these comfortable fat cats and obedient police officers see when they look in the mirror.  if i were them, constantly taking from those who have so little, i wouldn't look in the mirror at all.  


By your logic, in comparison with the situation you're referring to, I should be able to occupy your back yard for as long as I wish without hassle. And if you complain and have me legally removed from your private property, I shall henceforth refer to you as a "fat cat" and thief.

Drama queens abound, eh snail?

c. m.
c. m.

Ya know, maybe if they found a vacant warehouse and paid rent for it, maybe they could avoid all the legal hassle.

Just a thought.

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