Is Maria Shriver Reconsidering Her Divorce with Arnold Schwarzenegger?

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What the hell does he know about being married to Schwarzenegger?
Media outlets (yep, including us) lapped up every piece of the sordid divorce between former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and his ex-wife Maria Shriver with salacious enthusiasm. Just the same, reporters are curious about recent statements Shriver has made alluding to the fact that she might be having some guilt about leaving her husband of 25 years.

According to Internet gossip outlet TMZ, Shriver is reportedly "torn" about her recent split with the Terminator, but not necessarily because she forgives him for cheating on her for decades with their nanny and having a lovechild who is now 13. It seems that Shriver is being manipulated by Catholicism (who isn't?) and the lavish gifts with which Schwarzenegger is showering her.

That's Schwarzenegger's way of saying "I'll be back."

TMZ reports that Schwarzenegger has been "extremely sweet" to Shriver in effort to get his wife back -- and it seems to be working. CNN says that the estranged couple spent Christmas with their kids, and not just so Shriver could fulfill her Catholic obligations. "Children and family come first," a source told People.

Except of course, when Schwarzenegger is too busy shacking up with his nanny.

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I highly doubt whether lavish gifts are any factor in her decision.  Catholicism on the other hand could be a sticking point.  So, how best do you exact revenge and at the same time adhere to your religious beliefs?  I suppose a permanent legal separation might be a form of purgatory for the sperminator.  Some women actually won't waste their time on married men.  At least the cream of the crop won't.  On the other hand if she were to take him back into the marriage then I would lose a lot of respect for her.

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