Lupita Cortez, South Bay Mom, Accused of Dropping Her Toddler from Window

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Not exactly a good way to celebrate Christmas
A San Jose mother remains in police custody today after she allegedly tossed her 2-year-old son from a second-story window, creating a not-so-merry Christmas Day for her family.

Lupita Cortez, 24, was arrested Sunday evening on suspicion of attempted murder, child abuse, and assault with a deadly weapon. According to news reports, she woke up on Christmas morning, and while her family was getting ready for church, she dropped her 22-month-old son, Nathan Alvarez Cortez, out of her apartment window, 20 feet down.

After she tossed her son, Lupita Cortez threw herself out the window, but landed safely on a concrete passage at the next apartment house.

The boy hit a small patch of hard dirt on the 3500 block of Alden Way, barely missing the concrete patch, police said.
Nathan, thankfully, only suffered only minor bruises. He is now in the care of shaken-up relatives, police said. 

Cortez is at Valley Medical Center, where she has been healing from broken bones in her ankles and feet. She also had an involuntary psychiatric hold placed on her, Santa Clara County sheriff's Sgt. Jose Cardoza told the Mercury News. "She's going to be here for a while," he said. "We have a couple of deputies outside her room."


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On my point of view lupita cortez has no need on being on jail that wuld make her worst she needs mental help..n if she really wanted to kill hes son he wuld of drop him head down.

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