List: What's the City's Excuse for Clearing Out Occupy SF?

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What are Mayor Ed Lee's excuses for gutting the Occupy SF camp?

  • If our bocce ball courts aren't free, nobody's really free
  • Tourists just hate it when they see a lot of San Franciscans doing something unusual in a public space
  • The messages on those cardboard signs are hurtful
  • It's giving San Francisco a reputation for liberalism
  • It turns out that the First Amendment is a serious health hazard
  • What do you mean "excuses?"  John Avalos lost the fucking election
  • According to municipal code, homeless people must be at least 5 feet apart for the city to leave them alone to die
  • Zoning code violation ... or something
  • Occupy is attracting homeless people to downtown, where they've never, ever, been before
  • If too many hippies camp on public land without bathing or using money, Burning Man will sue for trademark infringement
  • It's better than thinking about the deficit
  • They've promised not to use pepper spray, which makes everything fine again

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Troy McCormick
Troy McCormick

Almost none are from San Francisco, and the only effective way for them to meet their goals is lobbying, and getting up in the morning and going to planning commission, and party central committee,  city council, board of supervisor, transit commission, etc meetings. Not failing to bath, work, or stop getting high. They are such a disappointment and if they had been this way in Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, etc They'd all be dead and those countries would still be under dictatorships.


Ed Lee the new Solomon? Once again, Ed responds to string pulling from downtown with a wonderful make it all go away solution - move the OWS people to...occupy the parking lot in the Mission nobody can see. The OWS provides a wonderful challenge to the last generation of "liberals." Much like when young people began to oppose the Vietnam war, and older office holders beat their chests about how THEY had fought for civil rights, but not this, now those formerly young, such as Lee, have to say with a straight face, "I support your issues, and we are with you...but stop bothering us in this way...and do NOT expect any of us to do anything about it. - I've got the America's Cup to worry about."


none of those occupy people are from san francisco and it is no longer unusual when the entire country is doing it.

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