The Daily Show: John Burton, Democratic Party Chair, Explains How F**ked Up California Is

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-- John Burton
It's always a great day to be a reporter when politicians are dropping F-bombs, especially when they are dropping them in reference to California's depressing finances.

Of course, it makes even better fodder for The Daily Show, which did a hilarious segment last night explaining just how easy it is for voters to get ludicrous and often financially backward measures on the ballot in California.

The star of the show was none other than our Democratic Party Chairman John Burton, who doesn't hold back, giving our own former Supervisor Chris Daly stiff competition in the foul-mouthed category. The fiery Dem explained to John Oliver of The Daily Show just how "fucked up" it is that all one needs to get a measure on the ballot is 500,000 signatures.

Oliver then attempts to gather signatures for a ballot measure that would stop voters from being able to do just that -- gather signatures for future ballot measures.

You can't miss this one:

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Burton is proof: there is no fool like an old fool......

Danny Boy Kirkpatrick
Danny Boy Kirkpatrick

Fuck Burton. The initiative is the last defense of the citizens against the despotism of a bought and paid for state legislature. Perhaps he would like to go back to the "good ole days" before the initiative when the railroad barons controlled California.


You obviously didn't watch the video you are supposedly responding to, by the way.


Voter initiatives are not what killed railroad baron control of anything. (I apologize for introducing facts and information into this debate.)  The idea that voter initiative results aren't determined by well-financed lobbies is beyond naive into profoundly stupid.  (N.B.: Prop 8.)  If powerful interests can overcome the supposed will of the voters in elections for legislators, they certainly do it in voter initiative elections too.  In theory, voter initiatives are a good idea. One only need look at them in actual practice in California to see that the reality is quite different.

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