FDA Orders Cease-and-Desist on Silicon Valley Man's Sperm

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The FDA is a real boner killer
There's plenty of opportunities to help the 99 percent. For Trent Arsenault, a Fremont resident and Silicon Valley security expert, he prefers giving away his sperm -- for free -- to help those in need.

Arsenault, 36, has been donating his sperm online to couples since 2006, and while he's given away enough sperm to have fathered more than a dozen kids of all different races, the government is worried he could be giving away more than just his sperm.

According to news outlets, the FDA views his in-kind donation as another way of possibly spreading not-so-kind diseases. The FDA has issued a cease-and-desist order, telling Arsenault that he must stop donating his sperm or potentially face a $100,000 fine and up to a year in prison.

According to the letter sent, the FDA claimed that Arsenault runs a "firm" that "recovers and distributes semen and therefore is a manufacturer of human cells, tissues and cellular and tissue-based products."

Inspectors are also concerned about his record-keeping, explaining that he did not "provide sufficient documentation."

The FDA estimates that Arsenault  made 328 semen donations to 46 different recipients between 2006 and 2010. He is pledging to fight the order, arguing that the contract between him and his clients make them sexually intimate partners.

In his defense, how is it any different (or less intimate for that matter) than having sex with a random stranger after a night at the bar?

"Maybe some of my techie genes will produce one of the next scientists here in Silicon Valley," Arsenault told the San Jose Mercury News.

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I have known sperm donor Trent Arsenault for a long time andI don't understand why anyone would want his sperm.  Trent is misleading everyone and in myopinion a mentally unstable person. Trent has grotesque pornographic photos of himself on a website calledTrentnude.com   The MEDIA, anyoneconsidering using Trent’s sperm, anyone who has used Trent’s sperm and Trent’sassociates need to view these photos to see who Trent really is.  Among the 1000’s of photos, you will seeTrent masturbating in a bathroom on a commercial airliner and showing himselfnude in public.  Look at the photos, readthe captions and judge for yourself. After viewing the photos, would you let this person anywhere near yourchildren?  Would you want this person“fathering” your children?  Trent’s donorwebsite is full of half truths.  Forexample, Trent wants you to believe he was an honorable member of the NavalAcademy.  Trent doesn’t want you to knowthat he did not even make it one semester before being discharged from theNaval Academy.  In fact, Trent does noteven have a college degree.  I feel sorryfor the parents duped by Trent and even more sorry for the children “fathered”by Trent.  Wait until they are old enoughto view the photos of their “father” and come to the same opinion that I have,that they are the offspring of a deranged individual. 



The attorneys whorepresent Trent for free and media really need to know who Trent is. You willbe embarrassed once you figure out who Trent really is. Trent is a sinking shipthat you don't want to be associated with. In this Sandusky media era anyoneassociating with Trent ought to question themselves. Go look at all his sicknude photos that he takes of himself in public. Are children present? Thephotos are certainly taken in public places where children could be. Just go toTrentnude .com and you will see what I am talking about. BEWARE!!!!!!BEWARE!!!!!


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