Examiner Newsroom Hit with Layoffs

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This will be a very unmerry Christmas for Examiner staff
As expected, the San Francisco Examiner's new owners trimmed its newsroom yesterday afternoon, laying off half the copy desk as well as other editorial staff.

We called Todd Vogt, publisher and president of the Ex, who told us layoff notices went out yesterday. However, he would not confirm who lost their jobs or how many positions are being cut. 

However, inside sources at the Ex told us that at least seven editorial positions -- likely more -- were cut, the bulk of them coming from the copy desk.

That's about all we know at this point, but we will update the story as we get more information.

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Noticed that Ken Garcia's mug is no longer shown on the Ex daily news page.


Ha!  Talk about biased reporting - this "alt newspaper" (aka "rag") doesn't produce a single bit of true, balanced or fair reporting. And nothing even resembling actual journalism.  Your idea of "reporting" is blogging stuff ( "BS") or screetching outlandish claims and then trying to craft a story out of air.  All this and SF Weakly manages to still be totally irrelevant and hugely unprofitable.  Truly an amazing feat.  You must all work hard trying to be bad to actually be so bad.  Mommy & Daddy in Phoenix must be so proud!

Hey Snitch  - how many poor folks got gassed from your paper this year?????  I'm holding my breath for that story starting right now.........gaaaaaasp....okay, starting right now.................whew......oh, nevermind.  Back to The Chronic or the Ax-aminer I guess.


Will someone please tell me where "all the News Shows' will get their news stories??

Bloggers are not Journalist

"Real journalists present all sides of a story, using multiple sourcesfor balance and doing original reporting wherever possible"

Bloggers usually tell only one side of a story that reflects their personal beliefs.


Um, do you even read the newspapers?  Both the Chron and Examiner present heavily biased opinion pieces as "news articles."

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