Doughnuts, Skimpy Shorts on Cafe Menu

Stuffed with jelly?
Pairing a doughnut with most any food item other than coffee can lead to meals even Elvis couldn't countenance. But San Francisco's Alcatraz Landing Cafe has broken ground by creating a pairing even Elvis would not wear. It's the doughnuts and tight, short-shorts one-stop shopping experience.

San Franciscans have long enjoyed poking fun at the tourists flocking to our fair city -- many of whom appear to have enjoyed a doughnut or two in their day -- dressing inappropriately in shorts. Who would have thought we would be reinforcing -- and perhaps even introducing -- these behaviors? We have met the enemy, and he is us. Wearing shorts. And eating a Krispy Kreme.

Are doughnuts and lycra shorts on most people's shopping lists? Not exactly, say store employees. 

People tend to buy doughnuts before heading out on a bay cruise. After disembarking, they often pick up material goods, such as mid-thigh-level shorts. Evidently, eating a doughnut on the bay burns more calories than you'd think.

Lycra does stretch, after all. And so do we.

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If you are curious, then head on down to the South Bay and checkout the Vietnamese coffee houses where one could get a nice strong drip coffee along with a view, a view that is often unobstructed where the servers are in commando.

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