Police Arrest Two Suspects Accused of Stabbing Woman Outside Bayview Bar

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Man stabbed, two arrested
San Francisco police say they have caught the two people who they believe are responsible  for stabbing a 32-year-old woman outside a Bayview bar Sunday night.

On Monday, officers arrested 39-year-old Shamballa Rogers and 25-year-old Deanna Rattler, both of San Francisco. The two were booked into San Francisco County Jail on charges of attempted murder, conspiracy, and assault with a deadly weapon.

Police are not releasing mug shots of the two suspects, pending further identification related to the case.

On Sunday, the victim -- who has not yet been identified -- was outside a bar on Third Street Galvez Avenue arguing with one of the suspects. The second suspect stabbed the woman  several times in the arms and chest before running off. The victim was taken to San Francisco General Hospital and where she is recovering from life-threatening injuries.

The following evening -- on Monday --  investigators arrested Rogers on the unit block of Dakota Street and Rattler at her residence on the 1000 block of Connecticut Street.

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Mr Natural
Mr Natural

never trust a drunk they are mean and violent.  now if the stabbers had been stoned on some good grass instead of being drunks there would have been no violence at all. why? God made Pot Man made Liquor who do you trust? Gods way is the peaceful loving way, Mans way is evil and violent. stick with Gods natural pot. stay away from man made booze.


1000 block of Connecticut St.. Public Housing Projects. No surprise here.

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