Carlos Guzmangarza Accused of Acting as Fake Doctor, Treating Patients

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Practicing medicine without a license can create a Frankenstein Monster
Just like you hope your pilot has flown a plane before, it'd be nice to know your surgeon has been to medical school -- at the very least.   

District Attorney George Gascón announced the unsettling news that 49-year-old Carlos Guzmangarza has been arrested on suspicion of practicing medicine without a license. What's worse, he allegedly conducted invasive surgery on at least two patients, according to the DA.

Guzmangarza, a San Francisco resident, allegedly stole the identify of a physicians assistant and managed to defraud patients who believed he was a real doctor. He saw patients in the Mission District where he performed his surgeries. 

Guzmangarza is facing felony charges. No word on how his patients are recovering ... from this news. 

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Bruce Edmund Carroll
Bruce Edmund Carroll

that is one sick fuck. everybody knows that if you are going to perform surgery, you have to be in a spotlessly clean operating room wear a mask, not smoke, wear gloves, a surgeon's gown, cap, sterile istruments, cardiac backup, plumonary back up, OR techican with a valid medical license, and a license to practice medicine and perform surgery, an actual medical license with your real name and address, and phone number, and have 6 years minimum or medical school training.

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