Why San Francisco Birds Are So Fat

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Scientist say birds in Northern California, including San Francisco, are getting bigger and fatter by the year. And since Global Warming tends to be the scapegoat for all our general state of deterioration, it made sense to place blame squarely on Climate Change.

But after considering the science, it seemed that the warming of the globe would make birds smaller, not bigger. So again, we are left to piece together the mysterious girth gain. But it seems rather clear to us why our local birds are packing on the pounds, based on these two photos alone.

stevendamron via Flickr
Emotionally eating?
And then instead of flying home, looks like these lazy birds hitch a ride with us.

muni pigeons.jpg
photo by Tim Wayne, Creative Commons CC-by-SA
You have two wings ... use them!

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It could have something to do with the fact that people are always feeding them.

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