W. Kamau Bell: Stop Talking Shit About the Occupy Movement!

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Likes to see white people yell at police officers
San Francisco's W. Kamau Bell and his socio-political stand-up comedy sidekicks, Laughter Against the Machine, have traveled around the nation, making stops at six different Occupy Movement camps, including ones in Portland, San Francisco, New York, and New Orleans. And while he acknowledges he's no MC Hammer, nor does he have the influence of Michael Moore, Bell is asking only one thing of people out there: Stop talking shit about the Occupy Movement!

As Bell points out in his column today on our sister blog, the Exhibitionist, hating Occupy has become as popular as despising Sarah Palin. Of course, he notes the obvious differences, with only one being noble hatred.  We'll let readers work that one out for themselves.

But for those of you sitting in front of your computer inside your home (since you are still fortunate enough to have one), writing a bunch of crap about how Occupy protesters need to bathe and get jobs, Bell offers this compelling counterpoint: "All I know is that when I see white people regularly yelling at police officers then something good is happening."  

Bell helps to clarify some of the most odious talking points being spread by the mainstream media, like how Michael Moore is a rich bastard himself. However, here's our personal favorite from Bell:
"The agenda of the occupy movement is unclear."
It's only unclear if you aren't listening, or if you are one of those people who can only hold one idea in your head at a time. Admittedly, Occupy has a diverse set of goals. Because it turns out that when nearly everything is fucked up nearly everything needs fixing. And, thankfully, there is a sign somewhere out there for everything.

Read the rest of his points here.

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