Transgender Woman Attacked on Halloween

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coolers should only be used for parties
A 43-year-old transgender woman was attacked Halloween night as she walked though the Mission District, according to police.

The woman was on the 500 block of Valencia Street when the suspect approached her and started yelling gay slurs at her and threatened to kill her for being transgender, police said.

The suspect used the cooler he was carrying and knocked the victim on the side of her forehead. When she looked up, she noticed he also had a pocket knife, so she sprayed him with Mace, according to Officer Carlos Manfredi.

When police arrived, the victim refused medical treatment, however, the suspect was taken to Davies Medical Center and treated before being booked on suspicion of aggravated assault, terrorist threats, and a hate crime allegation.

The suspect was only described as a 41-year-old black man.

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Zoe Ellen Brain
Zoe Ellen Brain

One of the many such attacks that happen every week somewhere in the USA. I think the death toll from them is about 20 this year, less than average.


It saddens me that we are "suppose" to love one another but somewhere along the way it turned into only love people when they are the way you think they should sad...human beings are human beings no matter what path they take...we all bleed red.

Caroline Temmermand
Caroline Temmermand

Let's not make race an issue here as it wasn't an issue reported above.   Bigotry and hatred were. Let's fight the real problem. A guy thinking it's okay to beat or kill somebody because they might be transgender or gay. I won't even call it transphobia or homophobia because we don't know if this person had any fear of transgender or gay people. That's why I chose bigotry and hatred.

I also question the thinking of a any person saying " Throw the book at him." simply because the suspect is black. I don't care if the person saying it is black. Let's not add to the ugliness of this situation by adding our own ugliness to it, too.

Oddly there are a couple of things noteworthy here:

1) The victim defended herself well.2) Police arrested the idiot!3) Police used the hate crime statue which is a clear signal to all that the rest of society won't tolerate hate that turns into violence. That is pretty great message, don't you think?4) The reporter got pronouns for the victim correct.

In this case is as it appears then justice might actually come for a transgender victim of violence... and that is newsworthy as well.

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