Supervisor David Chiu's Campaign Headquarters Burglarized

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Police are at Supervisor David Chiu's campaign headquarters investigating a burglary that happened overnight, according to staff.

Staffers were at the headquarters, located on Van Ness Avenue and Clay Street, until midnight yesterday preparing for Election Day tomorrow. Everything was in order when they locked up, but when they arrived early this morning, they found the building had been broken into. At least one laptop and thousands of dollars worth of equipment were stolen. Confidential papers and election materials had been scattered all over the floor.

"Whoever came into this office wanted to get access to information," said Nicole Derse, Chiu's campaign spokeswoman.

According to the campaign, the burglars broke into the back door and shattered the window. They stole a bunch of computers and rifled through Derse's personal campaign files. They even took the campaign's checkbook and tried to write a few checks, Derse told us.

"It's still unclear what files they have taken; it's still an active crime scene," Derse said.

Derse said she had no idea who might have done this, but noted that Chiu has been the target of a few political hits recently as he has grown in popularity among voters. "We know we are rising in the polls.Hopefully that's not connected, but I wouldn't rule it out."

One thing is for sure, Derse said -- the campaign isn't tripped up by the burglary. "If this was a politically motivated attempt to distract the Chiu for Mayor campaign on the eve of Election Day, it has failed miserably," Derse said. "This matter has been referred to the SFPD for investigation and we are confident they will get to the bottom of it. In the meantime, we will get back to work."

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 "This matter has been referred to the SFPD for investigation and we are confident they will get to the bottom of it..." LOL Obviously, Mr. Chiu has never had to call SFPD... their Inspectors couldn't find their own azz with 2 hands and a flashlight!

Ex-SF'er for a reason
Ex-SF'er for a reason

Chris Daly plot, maybe?  Even though he's not running for anything (except maybe from himself), he has threatened retaliation to Chiu in past Supervisor meetings.  Check his car for mileage to and from Fairfield in the past 24 hours. 

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