Steve Jobs' Biographer to Speak in S.F.

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A mystery wrapped in an enigma
Ever since Steve Jobs died a little more than a month ago, it seems all we want is to know more about the tech guru who revolutionized our lives. As SF Weekly's Taylor Friedman pointed out today, Jobs' cryptic final words left us all that much more intrigued by the insanely complex man; he's like a piece of technology we can't figure out.

Who better to give us some answers -- or at least some insight into the enigmatic innovator -- than his own biographer, Walter Isaacson, who released a compelling book on Jobs a few weeks after he died.  Luckily, the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco is hosting a conversation with Isaacson next month.

Even if you have already read the book, Steve Jobs, we're guessing Isaacson will provide more intricate details to awe the masses. So if you've not gotten your Jobs fix, then skip out on work and go!

"Walter Isaacson on Steve Jobs" starts at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 14 at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco, 3200 California (at Presidio). Isaacson speaks with Kevin Kelley of Wired magazine. Admission is $10-$25.

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