After Shooting, Occupy Oakland General Assembly Announces "This is a Peaceful Revolution"

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Updated at 6:49 p.m.: Conger reports that the scene in the camp is peaceful, with protesters discussing the events calmly with police officers. Still, some protesters are chanting "Tell the truth!" to reporters out of concern that the shooting will be tied to Occupy.

Updated at 6:35 p.m.: Kate Conger reports that some members of the Occupy Oakland General Assembly are saying that the shooting was possibly the result of a fight over a bike. Police officers tell Conger that they are only on the scene to investigate the shooting.

Conger has also sent this photo of the GA's candlelight vigil.

Updated at 6:23: Kate Conger reports:

"March proposed for tomorrow. Peace march. All will wear white. Candles are being handed out at GA. vigil planned for 10 p.m."

Updated at 6:13 p.m.: Multiple news outlets are reporting that the shooting victim has died.

Updated at 6:11 p.m.: SF Weekly's Kate Conger reports that the Occupy Oakland general assembly has declared "This is what we are fighting against" and "This is a peaceful revolution."

Updated at 6:06 p.m.: Matthew Keys, an independent television producer on assignment for KGO TV, has Tweeted this disturbing photo of cameraman Randy Davis being attacked while attempting to film the scene.

Updated: @insidebayarea reports:

A third reporter is at 12th Street BART station says trains are stopped as Oakland police look for gunman, guns drawn.

Meanwhile, as police canvas the area, reportedly looking for a gunman, protesters are lighting candles.

Breaking: The victim of a shooting at 14th and Broadway in Oakland, between the Occupy Oakland camp and the 12th Street BART station, has been taken away from the scene in an ambulance.

Via indefatigable #Occupy blogger @blogdiva, here's video of the alleged victim -- a young man -- receiving CPR while Oakland police officers corral protesters.

Occupy Oakland itself has reported that the shooting is unrelated to Occupy activity. SF Weekly's Kate Conger reports from the scene that an eyewitness claims the young man was shot in the head.

Conger also reports:

BART is saying 12th Street Station is open but all trains are being routed through on one track.

Cops have taped off section of plaza right outside camp.

Broadway is blocked between 12th and 15th.

There are many cops: OPD, BART, Alameda county. Also choppers, but I can't tell if they are news or cops.

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keep up the good work people ... they think we will be discouraged and go away, if they abuse us enough. Lets fool them and stay at it until we return to a real democracy and not this so called control by representation government. All the politicians become corrupt, and controlled criminals against society, following their briefings upon being elected. Their job is to pass laws that make everyone a criminal as apart of marshall law to protect the rich. As we wake up, lets never let them (the rich) sleep again.


I get the whole "omg no leaders" thing, I really do. But while this is meant with the best of intentions, it also means that the 1% can use this to fuck with people. and the media can kick their asses if they feel it's in their best interests.

Is it SO HARD to have a committee that can dialogue with the City of Oakland so shit like this can be dealt with in a way where no one is being an asshole and the assholes KILLING people get what they deserve? I mean unless Occupy wants crime (which it does not), there's no dishonor in telling the cops who is being an asshole and shooting people.

I realize this is a hard idea to comprehend but fuck.

Kaydie N
Kaydie N

members of the Occupy Oakland General Assembly are saying that the shooting was possibly the result of a fight over a bike. An assembly member, has also sent this photo of the GA's candlelight vigil.


I'm pretty sure the important part of this story is there part where somebody of SHOT, not the part where BART is being forced to function on reduced tracks. Get your priorities (and your headlines) straight.

Alan Scherstuhl
Alan Scherstuhl

Hit refresh. We've been reporting on this for quite a while, and the headline's changed three times.

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