Ross Mirkarimi Uses Zombie Costume to Get Out the Vote

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With Election Day one week away, most candidates are tripping over themselves to get your vote. And then there's Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi, who is choosing to scare people into voting for him for San Francisco sheriff.

We're not sure if other pols dressed up for Halloween last night (maybe David Chiu donned his Chiubacca costume?), but Mirkarimi, who we would say is typically more sardonic than scary, reshaped his image last night, as he traversed the streets of San Francisco dressed like a living corpse.

New sheriff in town?

Mirkarimi, who is the frontrunner in the race, made his point clear with his zombie costume (although it loses its effect with the suit and hat, which he's clearly auditioning to go with his ubiquitous vests). But just in case you still don't get it, Mirkarimi announced on KTVU last night that everyone must get out the vote or they will be visited by a zombie.


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Mike Kennedy
Mike Kennedy

Mirkarimi is a clown with a fake deep voice and that stupid bead without mustache.


 He and his allies on the BOS all behave like zombies pandering to special interests w/o a mind or soul of their own.


This is like bozo the clown dressed up as a clown.  Loss Murky-Rim-Me is a zombie that sucks life out of everything good and living.

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