Ronald Bridgeforth, Accused Cop-Killer: What Does He Look Like Now?

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Now that accused cop-killer Ronald Bridgeforth has turned himself into to authorities this morning, we have one question on our minds: How much does he look like this digitally aged photo of Bridgeforth from 1971?


Two years ago, we wondered whether the image of Bridgeforth from 1971, who allegedly had a shootout with South San Francisco police, hanging in the police stations actually resembled him. As we noted before, the processed photo above more closely resembled Grady, the good pal of Fred Sanford in Sanford and Son played by Whitman Mayo.

TV reporters captured a few shots of the modern-day Bridgeforth, who is also charged separately with killing a San Francisco police officer in 1971, as he turned himself into San Mateo County authorities in Redwood City this morning. A mug shot of the 67-year-old man has yet to be released, but we are guessing that Bridgeforth has -- at the very least -- changed his shirt since 1971.

"He has changed a lot," South San Francisco Sgt. Joni Lee told us today. "I saw him on television and thought "that doesn't look like him."

A few more gray hairs, we presume.

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"more closely resembled Grady"? More closely than what?  More closely than Bridgeforth who you hadn't seen at the time?  That makes no sense....

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