Public Defender to Release More Videos Showing Alleged Police Misconduct

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More videos like this one are coming soon to Adachi's YouTube channel.
Ready for more Police, Lies, and Videotape? Public Defender and mayoral candidate Jeff Adachi is vowing to release more video tomorrow showing new examples of warrantless searches, perjured police reports, and theft by San Francisco officers. This new release comes as SFPD officers are still under investigation for alleged misconduct during plainclothes drug searches that led to more than 100 cases being thrown out in superior court earlier this year. 

Adachi will be presenting six new victims in the alleged police misconduct at a press conference Thursday morning -- some of whom will then be filing complaints with the Office of Citizen Complaints about the officers, says Jay Rorty, head of the public defender's misconduct unit. 
Rorty says the incidents involve some of the officers already under investigation by the SFPD, and some additional officers. The new batch of cases didn't occur in residential hotels like some of the cases released last spring, Rorty adds, and one victim is a Richmond District merchant. 

Adachi will also be calling for a new police policy. "Due to the lack of response to the earlier offense, the public defender will be asking for a zero tolerance policy for theft and false reporting," Rorty says. "That's not the department's current policy."

Adachi will be posting the new tapes on his YouTube channel. The show continues.

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Bring the FEDS in.  The SFPD can not control their rogue officers.


If you see a cop, film a cop.

It's the ONLY way to keep them honest.

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