Occupy Tent for Sale -- Contact Bank of America

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Another foreclosure
Another dwelling was foreclosed on in the city's Financial District yesterday: an Occupy SF tent.

The tent that was erected yesterday inside Bank of America where dozens of protesters stormed as they marched through downtown is now up for sale on eBay.

Seriously, if you really want to help the 99 percent -- buy this previously occupied green tent, with the current bid at $255. The deluxe single-family dwelling is described as a luxury bungalow situated in the heart of the city's Financial District. It's portable, gets lots of sunshine, and is extremely secure, being in a bank and all.

Imagine banking from the comfort of your own home!
All proceeds from this sale will go toward helping the Occupy Movement. To view the tent, contact Bank of America or drop by the bank on California Street.

But hurry -- the auction ends in two days.

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It is good to have a healthy sense of humor at a time like this-thank you - Because believe or Not, this too will pass.


BofA will have to pay me to take that tent off their hands!

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