Occupy SF: Protesters Still Camped Out, No Signs of Police Raid

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Occupy SF might get raided today ... by the rain
The only thing that raided the Occupy SF camp last night were rumors of a imminent police raid.

This morning, Justin Herman Plaza reportedly looks the same as any other day since the protesters started squatting there -- only perhaps a little cleaner. Protesters complied with some of Mayor Ed Lee's demands; yesterday he warned that the camp, which had been declared a public health hazard, must shrink in size, and that protesters had to clean the area, including the toilets. An unspoken "or else" seemed attached to those conditions.

But the "or else," which many assumed would be a police raid, never happened. By 5 p.m. yesterday, health inspectors toured the camp, noting to reporters that the area was significantly cleaner, yet violations still remained; they wouldn't say whether these violations (pets at the camp and too many campers and tents) were enough to warrant a police raid.

When we asked Lee's spokeswoman, Christine Falvey, last night if we could expect a police raid any time soon, she only told us: "I have no information about anything like that."

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