Occupy SF: Police Arrest Man Accused of Carrying a Concealed Weapon

The gun worn by a man in the OccupySF camp
Police arrested Pennsylvania man Wednesday for throwing bottles at a city worker

While the city of San Francisco seems to have sworn a temporary truce with the Occupy protesters in Justin Herman Plaza, the police are still dealing with some of the rogue individuals within the encampment. 

Police arrested a man Tuesday on suspicion of wearing a concealed weapon in a holster within the Occupy SF encampment. Jonathan Walknine, a 23-year-old resident of Valley Village, Calif., was spotted with the firearm on his right hip, and a protester overheard him say that he "did not want to go back to prison."

Police moved in on Walknine on the north side of the camp, and found the unloaded, semi-automatic firearm. They cited him for possession of a concealed weapon.

Then, Wednesday morning, a Department of Public Works employee got a nasty wake-up call from another miscreant at the Occupy camp. Jesse Nesbitt, a 34-year-old Pennsylvania resident, allegedly chucked a glass bottle at a city worker's leg as he was power-washing and disinfecting the walkways of the bocce ball courts in the plaza by the encampment. Nesbitt told the worker "You are not coming in here," and the worker responded, telling him that he was doing his job to keep the area clean for the occupiers, according to police. 

According to police, Nesbitt admitted to throwing the bottle, saying that occupiers could clean up after themselves.

Police arrested him on suspicion of assault and an outstanding warrant.

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Starts out as a quasi populist movement , with some legitimacy as for 'complaintsagainst corporate hegemony' , etc. and then here comes the 'street crazies' todiscredit the whole thing..Are these types actually paid Koch Bros. 'plants'?


Sound like a couple of winners.

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