Occupy SF Refuses to Move to the Mission

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Oh this is going to be good!
Occupy San Francisco is here to stay. Well, at least until the cops break it up.

Occupy SF is refusing to relocate its very distinct camp site near the Financial District to a less conspicuous site in the Mission District, claiming that being close to the banks they are protesting helps keep their anti-Wall Street message alive. The group reportedly made this decision at its general assembly meeting last night after a heated debate.

As far as we can tell, the decision means two things: 1. The encampment will remain at Justin Herman Plaza, much to the city's chagrin; and 2. It increases the likelihood that it will be raided by SFPD soon. Very soon.

It wasn't a quick and easy decision. According to media outlets, there were a lot of opinions about whether the group should pick up its 150 tents and move them to an abandoned lot of a former high school at 1950 Mission St. The city -- which agreed to pay the school district $2,500 per month so Occupy could use the site -- said the offer was good until this morning.

Some squatters thought being located on a site with running water, toilets, and no potential police raids, would be a welcoming relief. But others argued that it defeats the purpose of, well, occupying.

"They can't tell us how to protest, or where to protest," Karen Schieve was quoted saying in the Chron.

Actually, they probably will.

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Good for them. Why should they give up now?

"It was the third maxim of the great Napoleon, the world- acknowledged master in the art of war, " Never do what your enemy wants you to do, and simply because he wants you to do it."


Absolutely. They should hold out for a plum spot in the Marina.

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