Occupy Oakland Shooting Spurs Insensitive Tweets

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Oakland is reeling from yet another murder, and one that's severely damaged the reputation of Occupy Oakland, which was planning to celebrate the first month of the encampment yesterday. While protesters insist last night's shooting near the camp at Frank Ogawa Plaza had nothing to do with their movement, media reports are saying than man had in fact been camping with the group on the plaza for the last few days before he was shot in the head last night.

Needless to say, the violence triggered strong opinions from every asshole on Twitter. Naturally, every Twitter user had to offer their two cents about Occupy Oakland upon hearing the news of the shooting. Our sister blog, the Exhibitionist, details just how some insensitive Twitter users greeted the news:

'Jim' 'Treacher' (jtlol) on Twitter_1320980836835.png
Aaron Ligon ✔ (runr25) on Twitter_1320980785235.png
Phineas Fahrquar (irishspy) on Twitter_1320982106082.png
Phineas Fahrquar (irishspy) on Twitter_1320980541293.png
Twitter - Search - LilacSundayBlog_1320978151568.png
(3) Twitter - Search - #occupyoakland_1320981724916.png
AmishDude (theamishdude) on Twitter_1320981825107.png

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I'm not sure what's lamer:  A "look at how people are jerks on Twitter" post or the fact that not all of those are really that terribly insensitive.

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