Occupy Oakland Says the Camp Isn't Going Anywhere

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Erin Sherbert
Occupy Oakland protesters say they have no intention of leaving Frank Ogawa Plaza, despite (and probably to spite) pleas from city officials and police who asked the camp to pack up and go.

After last night's fatal shooting near the encampment, police issued a formal letter to the Occupy Oakland camp, explaining that the growing encampment is draining police resources. Likewise, Mayor Jean Quan issued a statement last night, demanding the protesters close the camp.

But it doesn't seem likely. SF Weekly spoke with Cat Brooks, who is part of the Occupy Oakland camp, and she claims there's not a chance this group is leaving.

"No one is planning on going anywhere," Brooks told us. "They raided and took over our camp once before and we marched by the thousands and took it back, so there is no plan to pack up and leave."

Brooks said protesters are hearing rumors that police are planning another raid on the camp, which has nearly doubled in residents since it started a month ago. And should that happen, campers are ready this time.

"Folks are planning to resist police tyranny and oppression," Brooks said.

After all, Brooks explains, that's the point of an occupation: To take over a piece of property without permission.

"It's an occupation -- we don't need their permission to be there," she said.

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