Occupy Oakland: Police Clear Last Remaining Camp

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Erin Sherbert
Occupy what now?
For the first time in six weeks, Occupy Oakland is no longer occupying any part of the city -- at least for now. Just after midnight Monday, police stormed Snow Park, breaking down Occupy Oakland's last remaining camp. According to news outlets, police showed up ordering squatters out -- they packed up the last 15 tents and left "peacefully and quickly."

There were no arrests, no police clashes, and no teargas involved. The only thing left behind was several tons of debris that city crews were cleaning up this morning.  

The final raid came after police on Sunday morning stormed the Occupy camp at 19th Street and Telegraph, where protesters pitched tents after being booted from Frank Ogawa Plaza last week. Protesters held a march Saturday, and defied city orders, taking over the vacant lot next to the Fox Theater, only to be kicked out less than 24 hours later on Sunday morning. 

We can't say for sure that this is the end of the Oakland occupation, but there's been no talk of meeting in front of the library today to plan a "reoccupy," as protesters have done the other two times they were cleared out from their encampment.

Meanwhile, in San Francisco, police started dismantling a smaller Occupy camp outside the Federal Reserve Building, but the main compound on Justin Herman Plaza remains intact as of this morning.

Stay tuned.

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