Newt Gingrich Tells Occupy Protesters to Take a Bath

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Hey, Newt how about getting a haircut from this decade
Last week, we regaled readers with the dumbass things Ann Coulter had to say about the Occupy Movement, none of which is worth repeating in this post. Rather, we have new material from an old Republican who, too, has shared his idiotic convictions about the anti-big bank movement.

Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich put in his two cents about Occupy during the Family Leader forum in Iowa recently, but not without giving sincere advice to the droves of protesters who have been camped out on city plazas for nearly two months. 

"Go get a job right after you take a bath!" Gingrich says, followed by a booming applause from like-minded voters in the crowd.

Hmm. We have so much advice to offer Gingrich of our own, but we'll leave this one to Cookie Monster, who could probably say it best.

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Joe America
Joe America

I agree with Newt. Now, the whole "take a bath and get a job" line is what people will hear and respond to, but it is the rest of his words that ring the most truth. These people protest (and I use that term loosely, because I honestly don't think everyone out there even knows why they are "protesting") on public and private streets, and believe that when the police tell them to move, they don't have to listen. Then, when they are arrested, they are all "Why are you arresting me?!" Cause you're trespassing, genius!! Learn the laws. And much of the videos shown of pepper spraying and "abuse" by the police is, in my opinion, a tactic by the people at these Occupy sites to garner sympathy. They know that when a police officer tells you to move or be arrested for trespassing, you move. This isn't news to anyone. It's common sense. And if you don't move, or you resist, police have the right to use force. It doesn't matter how "peaceful" they are about telling the police 'NO, we won't move.' Peaceful disobedience, is still disobedience. So you leave the police two choices, pepper spray, or the night stick. Take your pick. My advice to these people is such: Have your protests, but when you are told by authorities to shut it down, do so. Until it is time to go back at it (could be the next day, or a different location). Stop getting yourselves arrested, and cut out the martyrdom, no one will even remember you anyways. So protect your best interest.


Damn those occupy folks and their pointing out the corporatism and bankster bailout loving Gingrich's and Obama's hypocrisies...funny, the only soap strong enough to clean a Gingrich is fire.

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