Baywatch: New York Times refers to Bay Citizen as "Bay Observer"

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Even The Grey Lady screws up now and again...
If shouting out the wrong name of your partner in bed is awkward, try printing the wrong name of your partner -- on the internet.

As it turns out, The New York Times made a rather embarrassing faux pas on Sunday in an article on the San Francisco mayoral race. The newspaper referred to The Bay Citizen as The Bay Observer, while linking to the Citizen's own news story.

Sure, everyone makes mistakes, especially as newsrooms are whittled down to bare-bones staffing. But this error is especially egregious given the NY Times partners with the S.F.-based Bay Citizen.

Who at the Times didn't get that memo?

The Grey Lady has since corrected its error, but fortunately, MediaBugs' Mark Follman was able to capture and post the gaffe for your reading pleasure:

"The portrayal of Mr. Lee as part of an old-guard machine gained some currency in recent weeks as evidence surfaced, in The Bay Observer and The Chronicle, that independent groups were helping Chinese-American voters fill out absentee ballots for Mr. Lee and collecting them, and that a property manager had promised to repay employees who donated $500 each to the Lee campaign."

Follman said he contacted the Bay Citizen editor, pointing out the mistake, which was immediately corrected.

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What is it about SFWeekly that it constantly snipes at its local competitors?  Here's one for you: your best reporter, Matt Smith, now works for the Bay Citizen.  Will you be writing a story about how you downsized your own newsroom?

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