More TechCrunch Defections Reported

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TechCrunch, also known as the New York Times of excitable gadget blogs, has had a tough few months. After the firing of founder Michael Arrington in September, a few of the alleged journalists in his employ threw themselves into paroxysms of self-important hand-wringing and resigned. Meanwhile, Americans tended to care about other things.

It appears a few more resignations are coming down the pike for the San Francisco-based tech blog. The Financial Times (free; registration required) reports that TechCrunch senior writer Sarah Lacy is on her way out, and that CEO Heather Harde is "rumored" to be leaving.

Lacy confirms her own departure in a blog post that, compared to the standards set by earlier TC departures, is rather restrained, characterized by only moderately preening self-reference and a single misuse of the word "inexorable." Here's what Lacy has to say about how things went down during the blog's public meltdown this fall:

You could produce a Lifetime movie of the week about the behind the scenes drama of the last few months. Publicly, I've stayed silent during much of it, but it has been every bit as gut wrenching for me as it's been for my colleagues... I wanted to stay, and I had many conversations with Arianna Huffington, Heather and others trying to figure out something that made sense. They made many generous offers, and I don't leave feeling unappreciated. But I can't help feeling angry and sad over a lot of internal morale devastation and external brand destruction that simply didn't have to happen.

She concludes by wishing "the best of luck" to the remaining gonzo journos at TechCrunch. The way things are with AOL's stock price, they just might need it.

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