Mayor Jean Quan Explains Why She Shouldn't Be Recalled

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Some voters say she's no wizard
Oakland Mayor Jean Quan's latest correspondence with her constituents came yesterday when she responded to a citywide effort to recall her almost exactly a year to the day after she was elected to office.

Quan, who has been in the hot seat for her handling of the Occupy Oakland raid last week, told reporters that she does not think a recall is a good idea. Of course, this is the same pol who thought sending police in to raid the Occupy Oakland camp was good policy.

"The last thing we need is a divisive and expensive recall campaign. In 20 years of serving Oakland, my only agenda has been to work hard for our diverse city," Quan wrote.

But a growing number of Oaklanders disagree. A petition was filed last week with 71 signatures that says the group has no confidence in Quan and that she has "no rational solution to mitigate the chaos" since taking office in January. (Does that "chaos" include her overgrown yard?).

While city officials are checking the signatures for validity, Quan filed her own statement, countering that she has been working hard on public safety issues for the last year. She pointed out that she recently rehired nearly 40 officers, secured a federal grant for 25 more, and last month sponsored a public safety summit with 1,000 residents.

The recall petition was filed the day before police raided the Occupy Oakland encampment, breaking down tents and arresting 79 people. Protesters later tried to take back their camp in front of City Hall, which turned into a violent scene downtown. Police lobbed flashbang grenades and tear-gassed the area.

After the City Attorney's Office reviews the petition and authorizes it, proponents would have 160 days to get roughly 19,800 signatures for the recall campaign.

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71 signatures. Whoa! Tsunami Alert. 


Whether people love Occupy Oakland or think it is awful, if they live in Oakland they know Jean Quan is incapable of the leadership required of a mayor. They knew it long before Occupy Oakland. They knew it when she drove out popular police chief Anthony Batts. They knew it when she "balanced" the City budget with a smoke-and-mirrors accounting trick. They knew it when she passed a Measure Y parcel tax in 2004 and broke her insistent promise of the services we would get in return. For more on the recall and for a link to be notified by email when petition-signing begins, go to


Jean Quan stole this election through rank choice and has been embarrassing the city ever since!


Love it.  By choice of words we can see where this "journalist's" bias is.  The police were told to remove the protesters.  The word used by this lefty is "raided" which has a completely different implied meaning.  Interesting that the tea party rallies were never needed to be removed, "raided" or cleaned up.  Law abiding citizens attempting to get change through free speech."Occupy" does not pertain to free speech or using the democratic process to make change or address issues.

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