Lower Haight Neighbors Warn They're Armed

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We all have our own ways of keeping potential burglars at bay: A home security system, a dog with a threatening bark, or even just a sign that warns of a vicious dog on the premises, despite the fact that no dog actually lives there.

And then there's these neighbors in the Lower Haight, who aren't shy to admit they will kick your ass, or worse, kill you if they have to. Perhaps they just moved here.

All southern and no hospitality here
Of course this sign made us curious -- not necessarily to meet our unfriendly neighbors -- but to find out whether this actually works. Naturally, we didn't feel welcome enough to knock on the door and ask. So we did the next best thing and called the cops to find out whether they thought this was a wise (and cheaper) way of keeping burglars off your property.

"Announcing the presence of guns can be a double-edged sword (pun intended). It may scare off casual burglars, but entice serious burglars," SFPD Capt. Denis O'Leary told us.

In other words, he says "Best to talk softly and carry a big stick."

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This pic looks somehow unfinished without Lt. John Pike having been p'shopped into it.


Better than an ADT alarm sign, but may make the other neighbors more of a target for the bad guys.

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