Hiram Lawrence, 1-Year-Old Boy, Shot in the Head in West Oakland Shooting

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Eight people shot in West Oakland
Hiram Lawrence, the toddler who was among eight people shot last night outside a liquor store, is clinging to life this morning, according to police.

The boy was with family members who were reportedly standing outside a liquor store on Willow Street filming a music video for Oakland-based rapper, Kafani when the shooting happened. The local rapper told reporters that the boy is his cousin.

Kafani told reporters that the boy's father was holding him and had his hand on his head when the shooting spree happened shortly after 6 p.m. Monday. He "had his son in his hands, and somebody started shooting ... I think the bullet that hit him in the hand is what hit his son in the head."

Hiram Lawrence had surgery overnight to relieve swelling in his brain. He remains in critical condition today.

When police arrived, they found no shooters, but there was blood everywhere, and at least 50 rounds had been fired. Glass was shattered and diners at a nearby Chinese restaurant had been hiding in the kitchen with the cooks.

Police do not yet know the condition of the others who were hit by the gunfire, but said they believe they were non-life threatening as of last night.

No suspects have been named and a motive for the shooting is unknown. However, surveillance from the liquor store recorded the incident, which police say will help them identify the shooters.

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This breaks my heart. My prayers go out to his family. #GodBless


Very sad sending  prayer's  to the little boy's family.


prayers out to the family of the little boy hiram.. Messed up people cnt be anywhere and enjoy themselves. And to aim reckless and hit a child. Coward move, aint real at all godbless lawrence family..

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