Henry Arnibal, South Bay Man, Allegedly Likes to Consume Meth and Bobcats -- In That Order

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Likes meat
We just told readers about Daniel Andreas San Diego, the hardcore vegan and accused animal rights terrorist who is wanted for bombing two companies. And then there's Henry Arnibal, who doesn't just like to eat any kind of animal meat -- he likes to eat bobcats.

Santa Clara County prosecutors tried to keep a straight face while telling reporters this bizarre story of 38-year-old Arnibal who admitted that he devoured a bobcat while he was high on meth. Arnibal has been charged with misdemeanor crimes, but not for skinning and eating the cat -- which is perfectly legal. Rather he was charged with killing the bobcat without a permit, according to South Bay prosecutors.

Here's what happened:

According to the Mercury News, deputies were looking for a marijuana grow when they stumbled upon Arnibal's trailer on Sleepy Valley Road in unincorporated Morgan Hill. Just a cursory investigation of the property turned up 50 roosters, gaffs, sharp hooks that are attached to roosters' legs for illegal cockfights, and a  preserved carcass of a bobcat, which was hanging over a fence.

Arnibal, who was high on meth, gave deputies what he thought was a perfectly sound defense: The feline had devoured five of his roosters so he took a .22-caliber rifle and shot the cat. Then ate it until he was full.

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Big fucking deal. Let the guy go back to his trailer. Waste of jail space. Guy wasn't hurting anybody but his body.


He was a cockfighter... I have sympathy for addicts but this man should rot.


Meth heads are a special kind of scum.


Look at the smug little mug shot.  His smirky face indicate a content and satisfied life.  I think that'll change when he's behind bars.

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