Election Roundup: Ed Lee in the Lead, Proposition C Wins

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Will Ed Lee get it done?
It will take a few days before San Francisco knows for certain who their next mayor will be, and like we saw in Oakland a year ago, rank-choice voting means anything could happen. But as of Tuesday morning, Ed Lee was in the lead, despite a flurry of allegations of unethical campaigning and questionable donors. With 31 percent of the vote, Lee has a 13-point lead over his political opposite, Supervisor John Avalos.

One victory Lee can declare with all certainty is his pension reform measure which sailed through with 68 percent of the vote. Measure C, which will require city workers to contribute 7.5 percent of their salaries to their pension fund, trumped over Public Defender Jeff Adachi's competing pension reform measure, which would have also saved the city millions. However, Adachi's measure would have forced police and fire to contribute even more to their pensions -- and that didn't go over well with unions.

Other measures that passed:

  • Proposition H, which would call on school districts to assign students to their neighborhood schools.
  • Proposition B, a $248 million bond measure designed to pay for improvements to city streets and sidewalks, barely won with 68 percent of the vote. That could change in the coming days, with provisional and late ballots still being counted today.

Measures that failed:

  • Proposition G, which would gave boosted the city sales tax a half-cent to 9 percent, got only 46 percent of the vote.
  • Proposition E, which would have allowed the Board of Supervisors to modify or rescind voter-approved ballot measures, lost, garnering only 33 percent of the vote.
  • Proposition F, which would have changed the reporting rules for political consultants, was rejected badly, getting only 44 percent of the vote.
Incumbent George Gascón is leading the District Attorney's race while Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi was pulling ahead in the sheriff's race. Of course, it will take a few days for either one to secure those victories as ranked-choice voting plays out.

We'll keep you posted as the election results change.

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The only disappointing news from this election is the moron and wannabe sheriff Loss Murky-Rim-Me in the lead.  There must be a lot of dumb farks in this city.


There are, just like here in the Oak-Berk Zoo. Libtards as stupid as the Contards in Texass.

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