Ed Lee Elected Mayor, Ross Mirkarimi and George Gascón Win Their Seats

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Now let's see what we can make him do
Interim mayor Ed Lee became San Francisco's first Chinese American elected mayor. After 11 rounds of ranked-choice votes, Lee was declared the winner, garnering 61 percent of the vote. Supervisor John Avalos came in second with 39 percent of the vote, and City Attorney Dennis Herrera trailed in third place, according to unofficial election results.

Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi appeared to be the new sheriff after three rounds of counting, capturing 53 percent of the vote; District Attorney George Gascón was elected with 64 percent of the vote, according to election results.

These preliminary ranked-choice counts are unofficial, but as the Chronicle noted, the results are not likely to shift after election officials count the 32,000 remaining ballots as well as the 30,000 last-minute provisional ballots. The Elections Department reports a 33.81 percent voter turnout.

Lee was unable to capture a majority in the first round of voting, but still took the lead with 31 percent of first-choice votes. Avalos had 18 percent of first-choice votes, and Herrera pulled in 11 percent.

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Ed Lee does NOT have 61% of the vote. 68,721 votes of 157,026 voters is 44%. Why do exhausted ballots not count towards the vote total? Under this logic do one more elimination round and Ed Lee wins with 100% of the vote. 


Because of "rank" voting

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