Bernal Heights Jogger Braves Chilly Weather in Bikini

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Update: A Bernal Heights woman supposedly caught up with the bikini jogger this morning and got some answers as to why she runs in a two-piece bathing suit. The jogger, who claims she trains for various half-marathons, doesn't want a farmer's tan. Makes sense. 

While the latest news coming out of Occupy Oakland has kept most of us informed and captivated, a less newsworthy, yet arguably more stimulating story is arousing neighbors in Bernal Heights.

The quirky pocket neighborhood known for its eerie painted pentagrams and residential Brian Wilson graffiti, has been bedazzled by this mysterious running woman:

Courtesy of the badass
This should definitely help property values
According to the neighborhood blog:
Necks are sore on the west and north slopes of Bernal Hill as residents do double-takes upon capturing a glimpse of the fit and fierce morning jogger as she works through her intense fitness regime. Who is this beach-ready iron woman? Perspiring and perplexed minds want to know!
That's her running attire on a cold and cloudy day, which of course, makes us curious to see what she might (or might not) wear on a hot day in San Francisco.

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