Boozing at the Library: Friends of the Library Hosting Happy Hour

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Books Heart Booze
If you've ever heard the representative of Friends of the San Francisco Public Library drone on during Board of Supes' meetings until he's gonged off the public comment podium, you'll know that then knocking back a hard one couldn't hurt.

You can even help the bookish boozing along this Friday at the latest installment of their IMBIBE drinking-at-the-library series. It seems the Friends have gotten on the alcohol-makes-fusty-institutions-hip-again (and raises money) bandwagon already rolling with Friday Nights at the de Young, and California Academy of Sciences' NightLife

This time, they'll be taking over the Potrero Branch Library from 7 to 10 p.m. for a nautical "Anchors Away!" themed party. (Oh yes, indeed, they promised "Beer, books, boats and babes" on the press release.) The only stipulation to enter is you must be a friend of the library - not just in spirit, but on their donor list. You can join online for $35 dollars, or at the door.

Rebecca Solnit, Potrero Hill author of Infinite City, will be showing up. Indeed, we ask, why isn't alcohol encouraged every day at the library? Many authors would be nowhere if it weren't for booze, yet readers are supposed to be stone cold sober? We'd like to hear that one taken up at the next Board of Supes' meeting.

Note: The press release for Friday's party reads, "Library voices discouraged!"

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