John Theriault, Apple Security Official, Quits Amid Lost iPhone Prototype Controversy

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John Theriault
The head of Apple Security Operations has reportedly left the tech company following a scandal over a lost iPhone prototype in San Francisco earlier this summer.

9to5mac broke the news that John Theriault, vice president of global security, was the latest Apple executive to leave the company.

SF Weekly readers might recall the July incident where an Apple employee claimed to have lost an iPhone prototype -- which later turned out to be the iPhone 4S -- at Cava, a bar in San Francisco. Apple officials had subsequently tracked the phone using GPS to the home of a Bernal Heights man, but after SF Weekly followed up with the SFPD, cops told us that the department had no records of any such incident.

The story became even more curious when SF Weekly's Peter Jamison tracked down Sergio Calderón, who said it was his home that was searched. Calderón said six officials claiming to be SFPD showed up at his door, and two of them searched his house. After we reported Calderón's experience, the SFPD changed its story and told us that four plainclothes police officers had accompanied two Apple investigators to Calderón's house, and waited outside while Apple employees searched his home, car, and computer for the phone --- which was never found.

Questions still linger about whether SFPD colluded with Apple, and whether Apple security misrepresented itself as police officers.

San Francisco police launched an internal investigation and last we heard, the department was trying to get surveillance from that evening at Cava bar.

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Whit Richardson
Whit Richardson

9 to 5 Mac broke the story, so why don't you have that first link directed to its story rather than a news site from the Philippines?

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