Pissed-Off Driver Rams Police Car After Being Towed by Cops

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Anger management classes would be so much cheaper
Parking in San Francisco will, at one time or another, bring out the absolute worst in us.

Of course, some more than others, like this 63-year-old San Francisco man who was arrested recently after he plowed his van head-on into a police patrol car, showing the cops just how he felt about them.

According to the police, the Richmond District man was driving his van when he saw a parked patrol car on the corner of Sixth Avenue and Geary Boulevard.

Instead of driving on, the man sped up and rammed his vehicle into the patrol car -- which was parked across the street from the Richmond Police station. According to police, the man was still livid that the cops had towed his car a few days prior to the incident. He was also reportedly pissed at the Department of Motor Vehicles, for unrelated, yet equally maddening reasons (long lines, we're guessing).

Well, he might have felt better after venting his frustrations, but he definitely wasn't better off. The man was arrested on suspicion of felony vandalism, which is way more frustrating than getting your car towed.

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