America's Cup: Booze and Boating Unite!

Wine and yachts -- an American tradition

Wine and yachts go together like PBR and fixies. So you knew this was coming. The organizers of the forthcoming America's Cup and Napa Valley Vintners today announced that Napa will be the "Official Wine Region of the 34th America's Cup." Those toting in foreign crap or swill from Sonoma will be keel-hauled.

No, not really.

Rather, says Terry Hall, the communications director for Napa Valley Vintners, the roughly 420 wineries his organization represents will be providing all the wine for the official America's Cup events. Asked how much vino that is, Hall declined to state, noting that official agreements have yet to be worked out. It will be a metric shitload, however. Hall agreed it was fair to say tens of thousands of bottles will be uncorked.

Hall claimed no money exchanged hands in this deal. The America's Cup people benefit from millions of milliliters of wine, and the wine people get the prestige of providing it.

It remains unclear in what form the tens of thousands of bottles will arrive in. Hall said a number of his wineries produce vessels as large as 27 liters -- that's the equivalent of 36 regular bottles of wine and is called a "Primat"

Hall says other wineries do wine-in-kegs for the kinds of affairs that call for wine-in-kegs. Unless formal bowling shirts are the chosen attire for yachting parties, we're thinking that may not go over so well. Nor would serving wine out of one of these, come to think of it.

Asked what wines pair well with yachting, Hall didn't waste a nanosecond noting that "all wines go with yachting." If it's a hot, sunny day try a "crisp sauvignon blanc." If it's cold and foggy -- and it will be -- go for the the cabernet sauvignon "to keep you warm."

The Cup, incidentally, has not yet inked a partnership with the cheese people. Or the beer people for that matter. And no liquor partner yet. Though that raises an intriguing question -- what wines pair well with vodka?

This article has been altered since its original publication.

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Occupy billionaires' America's Cup - August 2012!


Is this what the 1% percent does while the students protest the destruction of the middle class?

Terry Hall
Terry Hall

Hey Joe-CORRECTION NEEDEDFun article, but please clarify in your post and to your readers a very important point--we are NOT giving free wine to the organization.  This is critical.  The partnership is for various events beginning mid next year.  There are a variety of events large and small and each will have a different wine need--from a few bottles on...that is what I was telling you and why there is TBD on quantity et cetera.  We are very circumspect with regard to proper and responsible wine service and this reads like we are on a party boat rather than in partnership with one of the most sophisticated sporting events in the world.  Thanks for your attention to this important correction.

Terry Hall, Napa Valley Vintners

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