Why, Ed, Why?

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OccupySF protesters heckled Mayor Ed Lee on Tuesday at City Hall while he was carefully trying to appease both protesters and cops. And last night, demonstrators disrupted a Police Commission hearing, enough so that the commissioners reportedly got up and walked out.

Needless to say, protesters are not satisfied with Lee's attempt at being Switzerland. He claimed he "fully supports the spirit of the protest" which has resulted in police raids and arrests, yet he followed that by saying he didn't see how city laws were impeding protesters. He declared that police and protesters could work in harmony on this issue, despite the fact that the cops have been breaking down OccupySF camps.

But now, protesters have turned on the mayor, riffing off his pre-campaign "Run, Ed, Run" signs. Now that he's running for mayor, they want to know Why, Ed, Why, can't they occupy Market Street?

Abe Bingham via Flickr
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Fence straddlers do not good leaders make.

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