Steve Jobs: Was He the Fifth Beatle?

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When such Earth-shattering stories as the death of Steve Jobs break, media outlets compete for readers amid a flurry of news reports on the same topic. Perhaps that's one reason you start to see hyperbolic headlines deeming him Jesus-like.

In the case of Jobs' death, we're not saying Jobs, the high-tech tycoon, didn't change the world, we're just confirming that he didn't invent it, as one Slate headline suggested.

But because we are part of the fourth estate, it felt only natural to come up with a string of hyperbolic headlines of our own, starting with this one:

Private papers suggest Jobs had a hand in developing sunlight.

Here are a few more:

Found in Steve Jobs' files: evidence he fathered human race in a primitive laboratory near Stonehenge.

Obama booed at rally over confusion between "jobs" and "Jobs."

In his will, Jobs reveals he was fifth Beatle.
Read the full list of outlandish headlines here.

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Politics Matters
Politics Matters

On the subject of the Fourth Estate and watchdog journalism, Bob Gibson, Executive Director of the University of Virginia’s Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership, recently said: “If we don’t have a watchdog function, then we have a lapdog function, and that doesn’t serve the voter very well. We need journalism that goes out and challenges what is being given reporters as the facts. We need to look behind the facts and find out where they’re coming from, and what the interests are of the people who are giving us those facts. Local government and state government and the federal government today are even more than ever in the news business themselves. They are putting out news as if it was the entire package and expecting people to buy it and I think Americans have to be a little bit skeptical and have to look behind where those governments are putting out facts.” (Gibson appeared on the Charlottesville, VA, politics interview program Politics Matters with host and producer Jan Madeleine Paynter discussing journalism


Sixth Beatle. Stu Sutcliffe was numero cinco.

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